About Us

Work hard. Bank easy.

AllBank (A Thrift Bank), Inc.  is in the business of providing specialized financing products and services to working-class Filipinos and business owners. AllBank’s fundamental goal is to play a vital role in the development of not only the communities that its branches call home, but also the businesses that surround it.


AllBank also offers services and highly competitive products that yield better returns compared to our competitors. Banking with us is never a chore due to our top-notch customer service innovations. But beyond anything, banking with us makes you feel at ease


At AllBank, you can Work hard, live well and Bank easy.


Quick Facts

  • Classified as Thrift Bank
  • Has 17 Branches and 29 ATMs as of December 31, 2020
  • Key markets comprise Working-class Filipinos, SMEs

Vision, Mission, & Core Values



To be the Bank for all, by delivering the commitments that will make banking easy for you.



To be the preferred bank of our partners in their financial growth, committed to providing excellent service and innovative products for all.



“Work hard, bank easy” is not just a tagline, it is a two-part promise between AllBank and its stakeholders. We know you work hard, so we commit to:

E – “Excellence” in all that we do

A – “Accessibility”, strategic locations, convenient banking hours, wider touchpoints

S – “Service” with a smile, while going the extra mile

Y – “You” are our priority



  1. Competitive Spirit – The competition is there for two reasons: To learn from and knock out
  2. Teamwork – We have a common goal and we need each other to get there
  3. Concern for Customers – Our future is tied up in our customers—Along with their Banking needs and wants. They are the reason we exist.
  4. Cost Consciousness – It is not what we can cut out, but what we can save on.
  5. Honesty – We need to be trustworthy and we need to be trusted. There must be integrity and reliability in our word and our character.