Corporate Governance

The Bank’s Corporate Governance framework has been crafted to support the achievements of its corporate mission for the benefit of various stakeholders. The Board is composed of five (5) directors, two (2) of whom are independent directors, who are all qualified business professionals with the expertise and experience in directing the Bank’s strategic growth and path. The independent directors provide independent judgement, outside experience and objectivity.

Board Committees

There are three (3) committees that were created to assist and to help the Board in efficiently handling various tasks and in performing their respective mandates.

Audit Committee is responsible for providing independent oversight of the effectiveness and adequacy of internal controls, financial reporting and risk management systems, compliance with relevant regulations and internal and external audit activities.

Risk Oversight Committee is responsible for the development and oversight of the risk management programs to ensure its functionality and effectiveness. The Committee reviews risk reports that control and monitor risk exposures and limits.

Corporate Governance Committee is tasked to assist the Board in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities and monitoring the Bank’s adherence to the principles set forth in the Corporate Governance Manual. The Committee also acts as the Bank’s related party transaction committee which is tasked to review the appropriateness of the transactions entered with its related parties and in ensuring that these are done within arms length terms.

Board of Directors

Lili B. Ramirez, Chairperson

Danilo D. Camacho, Vice Chairperson

Jesus Vicente O. Garcia, President and Executive Director

Atty. Ma. Rosario A. Sabalburo, Independent Director

Carmelita M. Chavez, Independent Director

Atty. Arbin Omar Cariño, Corporate Secretary