Data Privacy Policy


At AllBank (A Thrift Bank) Inc.(“AllBank”), your trust and confidence is important to us. Hence, we are committed to protect your privacy as our valued client. As part of this effort, we make sure that we comply with all existing laws and regulations that govern us.  Among the laws, rules and regulations, we are bound by, and shall comply with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (“Republic Act No.  10173”), the Law on Secrecy of Bank Deposits “Republic Act No. 1405”) as well as rules and regulations issued by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and other regulatory bodies.

For purposes of this Data Privacy Statement and as defined by Data Privacy Act of 2012:

  • Personal information refers to any information whether recorded in a material form or not, from which the identity of an individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information, or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify an individual.
  • Sensitive personal information refers to personal information: (1) About an individual’s race, ethnic origin, marital status, age, color, and religious, philosophical or political affiliations; (2) About an individual’s health, education, genetic or sexual life of a person, or to any proceeding for any offense committed or alleged to have been committed by such person, the disposal of such proceedings, or the sentence of any court in such proceedings; (3) Issued by government agencies peculiar to an individual which includes, but not limited to, social security numbers, previous or current health records, licenses or its denials, suspension or revocation, and tax returns; and (4) Specifically established by an executive order or an act of Congress to be kept classified.
  • Privileged information refers to any and all forms of data which under the Rules of Court and other pertinent laws constitute privileged communication.

Scope of the Collection of Personal Data

When you apply, avail or use AllBank’s products or services, interact with our employees and/or authorized representatives or access our online systems, the Bank may manually or automatically collect your personal data (may include personal information and sensitive personal information), such as but not limited to your:

  • name, gender, nationality, birthdate, address, civil status, education and contact details;
  • government-issued identification numbers (such as such as TIN, SSS, GSIS, Driver’s license);
  • employment and/or business information;
  • financial information (such as assets, income, expenses, payments and transaction history);
  • transaction history including dealings and interactions with third parties which may include those transactions with merchants and utility companies;
  • specimen signature, biometrics, voice recordings and CCTV footages;
  • other personal information authorized and mandated by law to be collected such as but not limited to Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2001 (AMLA), Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Circulars, etc.; and
  • In case of online or mobile application access to AllBank facilities, non-personal information such as those provided by the device you are using such as the IP address, operating system, browser type and version, and other machine-related identifiers.

On instances where you provide the Bank with any personal information relating to a third party, you thereby represent that you have obtained the consent of such third party to providethe Bank with his/her personal information for the purpose of processing your transaction.

Purpose of Processing Your Personal Information

The Bank may use your personal data for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Know-Your-Customer examination/investigation or client identification related activities as required by law;
  • Assessment and/or processing your applications or transactions with the Bank such as but not limited to opening of accounts, withdrawals or depositing of money, loan accommodations and loan/bill payments and incidents of the transaction or application made;
  • Addressing your requests, inquiries, concerns or complaints, and providing product and/or service related support;
  • Management of  your accounts and performing other audit, administrative and operational tasks necessary and incidental to the management of the account (such as credit and collection, customer satisfaction survey, relationship management, risk management, staff training, due diligence, system or product development and planning, insurance, safety and security management of premises and services, and general audit);
  • Information dissemination about our product/services offerings and promotions;
  • Profiling, data analysis, behavioral and market research, cross-selling and direct marketing;
  • Detection, prevention, investigation, and prosecution of fraud or crime;
  • Compliance with laws and regulations governing our institution, products and services (e.g. AMLA, BSP Circulars, Credit Information Corporation (CIC) Circulars, etc.)and those of other jurisdictions including the United States Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA);
  • Performance of activities that you have consented to; and
  • Performance of other activities permitted by law;

Security and Retention Period of Your Persona Data

As your financial partner, AllBank respects and recognizes the value of your personal information. Appropriately, the Bank maintains physical, technical and organizational safeguards to protect personal data against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal information. We conduct training of our employees of all levels and when dealing with third party or service providers, access to information is strictly on a need-to-know basis. All persons, employee or outsourced agents, are required to undertake to treat all personal information coming from the Bank with the highest care and utmost confidentiality.

The Bank may retain, process, update and/or share your personal information (when necessary) throughout the duration of your account and/ or transaction, for as long necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose for which it was collected and such other purposes that you may have consented to from time to time, until the expiration of the retention limit of five (5) years from the conclusion of your transaction with AllBank, or as required by pertinent laws and regulations, whichever comes later.

Your Rights

Subject to the requirements, conditions and exemptions under the Data Privacy Laws, you are entitled to the following rights:

1. To be informed. AllBank shall inform you when your personal data shall be, are being, or have been processed.  This includes the purpose for which your data is being processed and method of processing.      

2.  To object. Incidental to your consent, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data or withdrawal of consent, however, such refusal may disqualify you to avail services of the Bank where processing of data is necessary.

3. To access your personal data. Upon written request, you may be given reasonable access to your information.

4. To require the correction of erroneous data. Upon submission of legitimate documents proving errors, you may request for the correction of your information with the Bank.

5. To Data Portability.  You may obtain a copy of your personal data in an electronic or structured format for your further use.

6. To suspend, withdraw, or order the blocking, removal, or destruction of your personal data.  Consequently, AllBank may terminate any services which necessarily involve the processing of your personal data.

7. To file a complaint with the National Privacy Commission.

8. To be indemnified for damages.

Rights of Data Subjects can be accessed at

Inquiries, clarifications, or requests in relation to this Data Privacy Statement may be addressed to AllBank Data Privacy Officer at [email protected], (02)-8ALLBANK loc. 109, or visit us at 2nd AllBank Building, EDSA corner Cornell St., Mandaluyong City.

Amendments to AllBank’s Data Privacy Statement

This Data Privacy Statement may be changed, modified or amended from time to time to align and comply with changes in relevant laws and regulations as applicable. All updates shall be posted in conspicuous areas in our branches and in our website.

Data Sharing Policy

The Bank may, as and when necessary, to cater to your banking needs, seek to share, verify or augment your information with third-party entities, our outsource partners and/or government agencies (such as but not limited to BSP, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), CIC, Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) as mandated by pertinent laws and regulations) or courts of competent jurisdiction and, in the process, gain additional information about you.

Such data sharing activities shall be done in a manner that is compliant with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 and with utmost care and confidentiality.